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VLOOKUP function searches for a value in a first column of the range and returns a corresponding value in a column specified. The function has 4 arguments:


In the example above we are attempting to look up sales for IL (Illinois). Select the cell where value resides. The value can be hard written into the formula as "IL". Quotation specify that value is a text string.


Table array is a range which constitutes our table where we are going to look up values and where we are going to find values to be returned. VLOOKUP will attempt to match lookup_value only in the first column of the table.


This argument requires number of the column within the table_array from where the value will be extracted. The row will equal to the first match where value equals to the lookup_value in the column 1 of the table_array.


Is an optional argument with two options

FALSE: for value with exact match must be entered.

TRUE: for the closest match.

VLOOKUP can only return value to the right of a column that is being looked up. In order to return value in any order, an INDEX MATCH combination is required.

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