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Setting Goals

Whenever approaching someone cold, the goal is never to close a "sale".

The reason why "sale" is in quotation marks is because it is important to define what a sale is. A sale is a set goal of your interaction with a lead. If you are interacting with someone for the first time and asking them to buy something, 90%+ of the time the engagement will end in a hard rejection.

People buy from people they trust.

During your first interaction a sale is an establishment of trust through a relationship. Each time you approach a lead relationship either starts or continues. This is why it is outmost important that you remain sincere, calm, and respectful towards your prospects. If they give you a rejection and ask you not to approach, don't approach for at least 12 months. You may not get a quick sale but if you demonstrate sincerity and respect you will gain trust! Once you have trust, you can continue pushing the lead down the sales funnel by following up and suggesting further steps and informing them of the changes that have been happening with your product or service.

If you are struggling to close on appointment and keep getting soft rejections like "its not a good time", keep calling. If a prospect allows you to approach they are actually giving you chance to develop a relationship. Do not try to attack the objection, instead with each call let them know something about yourself and ask them something about themselves. Build a more personal relationship. If a prospect likes you, they may become your product champion.

When approaching a lead you also want to have a sense of urgency.

You have to give a reason why it is important that they hear you out now?

In B2C sales, the urgency is usually a limited time offer.

In B2B sales, urgency is informing them that you are also talk to their competitors. Most company will want to know what solutions their competitors are looking at to see if it will put them at a disadvantage. If a competitor has you product already, even better!

To improve show ratio for your meeting, it is advisable to reject a time for the meeting proposed by a prospect. After a rejection, propose your own time for a meeting. The reason is it creates illusion that your product is so successful that everyone is meeting with you and you have very limited time available.

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