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Prepare Before Calling B2B

Each call has to be made with a purpose. Ask yourself the following:

1. How does what I sell fit within organization I'm about to call?

2. What value does my product offer to organization I'm about to call?

3. Who would be my product champion within the organization?

If you cannot answer any of the 3 questions above do not call. You approach will be lacking value which will result in no sale.


I sell tucks and about to call a non-profit that helps build affordable homes:

1. My product fits because it can help transport construction material.

2. This organization does have trucks and my trucks aren't very different. However, my company offers more flexible payment terms. These terms can be important to a cash strapped organizations like non-profits.

3. Since my value proposition is in payment options; person who will find the most value in my product is someone who is managing a fleet budget. This person is usually a fleet manager or a finance controller.

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